Use Your God-Given Talents


Every one of us is gifted with unique God-given talents. They are custom-made for us. They are within us the moment we were born. Our son, Maverick, for example, was born with a unique talent in drawing. When he has a pen in his hand, he draws. Starting at the age of 4 years old, he could already sit in his chair for one or two hours to do his drawing. It’s easy for him and he always enjoys doing it. I still keep a lot of his artwork and they are amazing. Our daughter, KK, on the other hand, has a special gift in creative writing. Wherever she goes, she will always bring a book, a pen and a notebook with her. Over the years, I’ve seen her writing journals, letters, short stories, poems and novels. They are inspiring, touching and beautiful. I observed that whenever our children are expressing their talents, their eyes lit up with radiant confident. When they create, they are focus, on flow and in joy. I believe this is the “Essence of Life”. When we can tap into our unique talents and channel that into our work and our life, we can do amazing things.

In my role as corporate trainer and executive coach for over 15 years, I come across fantastic people who are very enthusiastic at work while others who don’t seem to have a tiny bit of passion with what they do. I noticed that one of the main reasons for their job dissatisfaction is their inability to express their talents at work. They go to work for the sake of working. I asked them why they are doing the jobs that they don’t like, I usually hear responses like these… 
~ “I don’t like my job but it pays well.”
~ “I have kids’ education and mortgages to pay and I can’t afford to change my job.”
~ “I choose this job because it is a secure job.” 
~ “I choose this job because my parents told me to work for this company.”

The mistakes that these people make is that they follow their head, not their heart when it comes to choosing their profession. They chase money, promotions and social status at the expense of passion, personal growth and fulfillment. They allow materialistic possessions to compensate their boredom, dissatisfaction and stress at work. They achieve a lot on the outside, yet they feel empty, indifferent, lonely, bored and unhappy inside. They are unfulfilled. Here’re my questions to you: What are your God-given talents? Are you actively developing them and expressing them or are you hiding them?

Scripture says, “For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” (Matthew 25:29, NIV)  That means, if we use our talents well, God will continue to gift us with more talents and our lives will be filled with abundance. If we don’t use our God given talents well, it will eventually be taken away from us. So use your talents, or you will lose them!

Friends, if you have a tendency of feeling bored, frustrated or unfulfilled at work, chances are your talents are not being utilized and expressed. It may be time for you to pause and think. What can you do to express your talent at work? What kind of work will excite you to get up every morning and look forward to each day? Would you be able to “turn your vocation into your vacation”? That means can you build your career around your passion and talents so that you don’t feel you need to work for work sake again? Remember, you don’t need to have an extraordinary gift for God to use you in a great way. All you need to do is to be productive right where you are. Quit discounting yourself. Start to express your talents, enjoy them, and have fun with them. If you are already utilizing your talents regularly, I congratulate you! I will invite you to continue to stir up your talents, stretch yourself more for further growth, dream bigger and impact more people.  I believe that if you can express the talents within you, nurture and develop them intentionally, and use those talents to serve others, you will live a truly happy and fulfilling life.


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