Be Happy with Who You Are

I remember when our son, Maverick, was about 12 years of age, I asked him a question for fun, “If you can become any one in the world, who would that be?” I thought he might choose to become someone he admired at the time like the famous professional footballer, David Beckham, or the extraordinary entrepreneur and inventor, Steve Jobs. He replied with pure confidence, “I’d like to be myself. I don’t want to be someone else.” His reply was a pleasant surprise to me. The more I thought about his response, the more grateful I become. He is happy with who he is. Are you?

Many people going round seeing themselves wrong and feeling lack on the inside. They think they are not good enough. They want themselves to have better look, slimmer body, nicer personality, more educated, more talented or more successful in order for them to feel happy about themselves. God designs each one of us to be the way we are on purpose. We are created in the image of God and in His eyes, each one of us is a masterpiece. Understand that, we are not average or ordinary; we are one of the kind. We have a special seeds of greatness inside us and we are extraordinary and marvelous. We should be confident, content and happy with who we are.

What we see on the inside will eventually show up on the outside. If we see ourselves as confident, talented and valuable, subconsciously we will carry ourselves in such manner and that’s the way others will see us. Like wise, if we see ourselves as inadequate, not talented, and not valuable, we will subconsciously translate our thoughts into our behaviors and others will see us the same way. It is therefore very important to have a positive self image and to love ourselves. If we don’t love ourselves, we will never be able to love the people around us. In the other word, if we don’t get along with ourselves, you will never be able to get along with others. This is because we cannot give what we don’t have. Even though we have weaknesses or shortcomings, it doesn’t mean that we need to criticize or quit loving ourselves. Instead, we should see it as a journey of continuous improvement and personal growth. Understand this, we all have our strengths and areas for improvement. We are not inferior or superior than others. We are intentionally made differently by our most high God to carry out our unique assignment in life. If you can see it this way, you will never feel the need to compare yourself to others. Instead, you will truly appreciate the value of individual differences and appreciate diversity. You will have joy and peace from within because you are happy with your own true self.

You might not feel that you are a master piece right now. May be you are over weight, you struggle with addiction, you failed in your business or your marriage. Know this, these are God’s tests for you. Your value in your Creator’s eyes is not base on your external success or performance. God values, approved you the moment he created you and His love to you in unconditional. If you feel that you are not where you want to be right now, you must first learnt to accept yourself first while you carry out the process of positive change. If you feel guilty, condemned or against yourself, you won’t be able to have the strength and motivation to create lasting change. Shake off the guilt, condemnation and self criticism. Start to love yourself again, seek help from others who can give you strength and courage to make those changes and have faith that God will fight your battle.

Friends, if you can see yourself a masterpiece, be happy with who you are, appreciate your unique talents and most importantly love yourself, you will feel the joy and peace from within and open doors to receive God’s tremendous blessings into your life.


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