Live Your Dreams


Recently I took some time out to review my Dream Book. In there, I have written down my awesome dreams, my personal development goals and how I like to live my life. I also kept some of the most beautiful photos and clippings in this book that inspire me to live a life of my dream. When I looked through it page by page, I realize that I have indeed accomplished a good number of my goals, and I am starting to live the life that designed for myself in my mind many years ago. These milestones of accomplishments have given me extra confidence to chase my bigger dreams and more worthy goals. They also give me the inspiration to help others to create the lives they desire to live.

One of my all time favorite quotes is from Walt Disney and he said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I first came across this quote when I was a university student working as an intern at Walt Disney World in Florida. This quote resonates with me deeply when I saw it; it’s like “love at first sight”. I touched my heart and these few wise words, from one of the most inspiring human being that I know, has become an integral part of my belief system. I truly believe that in order for us to live a life we desire, we must first have a dream. What is your dream? What does your ideal life looks like? What kind of personal qualities would you to possess? Are you living each day according to that vision?

Many people have a tendency to settle for too little too soon. They have attained some success, get comfortable, and become complacent. They don’t realize that they have so much more potential inside them. They stop expanding their vision, learning new skills and keep growing. As a result, they fail to do better, serve more, and live a better life. Their quality of life is limited by their own limited thinking.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, you must conceive that extraordinary image of greatness on the inside before it can possibly be realized on the outside. For example, seeing yourself being healthy and joyful, working on your dream job, owning your successful business, living in your dream home, seeing your loving family and wonderful friends prospering, and making remarkable contribution to your community. You must first see it and let that seeds of greatness take root on the inside by intentionally seeing that vision repeatedly on a daily basis.

When you dream, dream big! Your dream should be one that excite you, inspire you and empower you. If you don’t have that feeling of excitement with your dream right now, chances are your dream is too small, too limited or self-serving. You need to enlarge your vision and dream bigger and better. What you receive in life is directly connected to how you think and what you believe. When you think big, think positive, think increase, think possibilities and abundance, you are more likely to receive them into your lives.

When you see others more successful, happier or wealthier than you, be encouraged rather than jealous. Get rid of the negative self-talk that you will never be able to do what they do. Quit comparing yourself with others. Change your thinking, Run your own race and celebrate others’ success. If you can hold on to your vision, make your effort, learn from your mistakes, keep moving forward and never give up, I believe one day you will make your dream come true too.

As parents, we affect our future generations with the vision we have right now. In our vision, my husband and I are going to do far more than our parents; our children are going to do far more than us, and their children are going to do far more than all of us combined and make a tremendous positive difference in the world.

Friends, I invite you to dream bigger to live better. Do not settle for the status quo or mediocrity. You have so much potential inside you yet to be unleashed. No matter what stage of life you are at right now, you can always rise higher and serve more. Create a live of significance and leave your legacy to your future generations. Take that leap of faith and make the rest of your life the best of your life!


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